The Development Equation

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Learning and Knowledge in the 21st Century : The Development Equation
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This wiki is maintained by:
Mr. Arif Jinha GID, University of Ottawa, CA
Co- Founder of the GoalCommunity Network.
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Professor Moustapha Diack
Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Director, MERLOT Africa Network
Co- Founder of the GoalCommunity Network.
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This demonstrates an innovative way of using Wiki as An Environment For Scholarly Conversation, Publishing and Research Advisory that results in Knowledge Development and Dissemination in support of the Access to Knowledge (A2K)Movement . The "Learning and Knowledge in the 21st Century: The Development Equation " Wiki site will result in (1) the authoring of a series of peer reviewed publications focusing on the Solutions of the Development Equation, and (2)the hosting of a Community Wiki that will contribute and share strategies and dicussions around the Foundations of the Development Equation and the indexing of literature on Open Solutions.

Defining Open Solutions (OSs):
We define Open solutions (OSs) as eLearning tools that support the growing view and global framework that Knowledge and the technologies that facilitate its acquisition and redistribution should be free and open for use, to promote universal access and economic development. OSs include Movements and technologies such as Open Education Resources – OER (Open Education Movement), Open Access to Scholarly Publications - OASP (associated with the Access to Knowledge Movement- A2K), Open Access to Educational Textbook, and Open Source Educational Management Software (OSEMS) and web 2.0.
(M. Diack & A.Jinha, 2008)

Please note: This is a work in progress, with the intention of welcoming further collaboration on the wiki after further refinements. Please do not hesitate to send comments and feedback to Moustapha and Arif at the adresses above.