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Project Goals

TesteDeinWissen is a project driven by German high-schools: Together with their teachers, students are creating Open Access online quizzes for important and interesting topics. By doing so, students do not only learn more about the quiz topic itself but also about web design, user experience and programming. Therefore, TesteDeinWissen is a interdisciplinary project.

List of Competencies

Competencies that are developed by students:

  • Summarize topics and knowledge, transfer complexity into simple quiz items
  • Setup and run web pages
  • Develop consistent user experience
  • Program interactive web pages with data base access

Open Access

TesteDeinWissen is an Open Access Project:

  • The quizzes can be accessed and reused by every internet user under a CC License
  • All quizzes run on several devices
  • All quizzes are barrier-free
  • Participitation is open to all high-schools in Germany

Available Quizzes

All quizzes are avilable in German only:

Next Project Milestone

  • April: Further 10 quizzes
  • June: Further gameification


Please contact webmaster@testedeinwissen.de for more information.