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This is a simple template for creating navigation for a project.

(For more complex hierarchical content consider using: Template:TopicsWithSubpages)


|image   = 
|title   = 
|tagline = 
|pages   = 
|titlecolor =
|taglinecolor = 


All these variables are optional and can be left blank.

image - use normal image syntax to add a logo for project. Preferable to use image around 100 X 100 px in size.

title - text for the name of your project.

tagline - text for the tagline. Can include any normal wiki syntax.

pages - use to add links to the pages of your resource. If you want to use a vertical bar as a separator between links use this template, {{Vbar}} between links; eg. |pages = [[Page One]]{{Vbar}}[[Page Two]]{{Vbar}}[[Page Three]]

titlecolor - use to change the color of the title

taglinecolor - use to change the color of the tagline