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This template is used to help new WikiEducators with personal pages on the root directory. The template is based on the hello template but without the input box with preloaded instructions. It is intended to encourage users to place personal pages as sub-pages of their user page.

It takes one attribute:

  • Personal message text - (required; but can be as simple as your signature)

For example:

{{Personal|''If I can help in any other way, please let me know.''}}

Example of the template text

80px-Wikineighbour V2.png
Subject Line: Personal subpage!


I'm your WikiNeighbour and, like you, one of 80,293 WikiEducators.

I have noticed what you may have intended as a personal page. In it's current location, it is very likely that you and several other users will edit, or may already be editing the same page. This can be frustrating because other users are unwittingly replacing your work with theirs.

[math]\checkmark\,\,[/math] It may be helpful to establish a personal subpage by editing your User page and simply adding this text: [[ / Personal subpage name of your choice / ]].

[math]\checkmark\,\,[/math] This new link will establish a subpage that will be uniquely yours. You can copy the content of this page to your new subpage.

[math]\checkmark\,\,[/math] Here's the good news: Any material you added on the other personal page is preserved in the history of that page and can be copied over to your new page.

[math]\checkmark\,\,[/math] If this page is really intended for a broader audience, then please delete this note with my apologies.

[math]\checkmark\,\,[/math] If you would like to have this page deleted, then edit, add this text {{delete}} with a brief explanation of your intent to delete; an administrator will take care of the rest.

Welcome once again to the WE community.