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See The Learning Design Project
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Learning-design.png Learning Design for Learning Design

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Please do not start the template on this page. Try adding it to your sandbox first, or see one of the examples. Use the discussion page to suggest improvements or ask a question.


This template is being developed as part of a resource on WikiEducator to facilitate the process of Learning Design for content projects. The template currently takes 2 variables - either: LD or CD, (Learning Design and Content Design). Each of these variables can also contain a value between 0 - 3. I've tried to make this template and the syntax as simple as possible and also keep the process as close to the Wiki Way as I could. brent 10:16, 29 May 2007 (CEST)


The syntax for embedding this template might look something like this:

{{Learning Design|LD=1|CD=0}} 

There are two types of design processes that this template is currently being designed for:

LD stands for Learning Design

CD stands for Content Design

The numbers correspond to:

0 = No Design Plan

1 = Design in Progress

2 = Preparing for QA

3 = Design Complete

These labels may change slightly dependent on what type of design is being undertaken.

The first time you insert this template you should use a syntax like this:

{{Learning Design|LD=0|CD=0}}

As the process of discussion and concensus over the Learning Design and the Content Design emerge over time in the subpages that are created by this template, participants may update the template to say for example:

{{Learning Design|LD=2|CD=2}}

which translates to:

  • Learning Design is in a phase of Preparing for QA
  • Content Design is in a phase of Preparing for QA

How it works

The template will, when first inserted into a page, check to see if a subpage called "Learning Design" (or Content Design) already exists off of the page it is inserted into. If it does it just creates a link to that page; if not it creates a link called "Start Learning Design" which allows people to start the learning design process, by creating a subpage from the page the template is inserted into called "Learning Design" (or Content Design, etc). This page is intended to be used to discuss the design needs, requirements, and goals of the content/project.

The status of the particular design process is there to provide a quick guide to what phase the process is currently in and is updated by increasing the templates attributes (more below). Next to the status label will also appear a small visual representation of the progress of this process.

Clicking on this icon will take the user to a page that provides a kind of checklist of elements to consider when evaluating the particular design aspect of this resource.

The templates attributes, ie; LD=[1-3], CD=[1-3], are colour coded as red, yellow or green respectively and are also associated with a unique graphic and checklist page.

Applying these attributes to a page also adds a similarly named category to the page. This is intended to help users see what content in the wiki is "Learning Design Complete" for example, or which projects may be in the process of evaluating their Content Design etc.