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issues re KPIs for new courses020:42, 29 July 2015

issues re KPIs for new courses

Hi there, With apologies I am a late apology for the Google hangouts Management Meeting as expected on 29th July due to some "week 1" pressures (ePortfolio pilots that I am managing.) The progress of the Quality and Approvals Working group is well documented in minutes and also subsequent groups email forum discussion. Irwin and I have found ways to share the induction of new members/staff so as to try and get them up to speed with course development skills asap. I believe this is the most pressing issue. Below some concerns/comment re KPIs listed for my workgroup.

re the KPI "Complete 10 full course equivalents for delivery by 30 June 2015" I note that from what I can see we are a long way short. I am not aware of any other new course offering from partners in the first half of 2015 outside of UOW's MUN course (nothing the great UTas offering late 2014 and the fabulous DS4OER but this is more of an OER Foundation output and not from partners.)

re the KPI "Complete additional 15 full course equivalents by 31 December 2015" - seems completely unrealistic unless there has been a lot of work by partners behind the scenes that they are not sharing in wiki or via planning list.

I will come back and check the minutes for how the meeting went.

Slambert (talk)20:42, 29 July 2015