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Trash! Skip recycling - sustainability is far more than recycling

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This page seeks to list courses and resources relating to sustainability topics and issues. It is possible that this collection may eventually form into a comprehensive course it its own right, covering many aspects of sustainability. People doing this course would have the aim to be effective in devising and implementing innovative new practices for a more sustainable ways of living, working and learning.

Suggested courses and topics

If you know of an existing course, or set of recognised learning objectives that we might use to develop a course, please add them below.

Africa University Course

Design and production

Sustainable business and professional practice

  • Starting a business - A course based on the development of a small business plan that meets triple bottom lines of social, ecological and economic sustainability.

Assess systems, resources and practices for social, ecological and economic sustainability

I just made that up! Can't find an existing unit or other that might be useful in formulating a learning objective that we can use for the basic 3 hour intro.

Deliver information, activities and events

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare and present information, activities and events to different customer groups. As such, the unit focuses on the need to use effective interpretation and communication techniques to ensure customer enjoyment and participation. The unit goes beyond the delivery of a pre-scripted commentary and requires significant creative input. It shares some outcomes with unit THTFTG06B - Prepare and present tour commentaries or activities, in the Tourism Training Package. In a museums and library context, education will often be a key focus of activities. Skills for the development of activities are found in the unit CULM506B - Plan and develop activities, events or programs

Support individuals in resource management change processes

This competency standard covers the process of providing support for a person or business to change their management of resources within the context of the program. It requires the ability to identify change processes, conceptualise impact of changes, implement support techniques, and review support outcomes. Supporting resource management change processes requires a knowledge of relevant rural business practices and best practice, local natural resource management issues, community lifestyle and practices, relevant approaches to different cultures, change management theory and practices, action learning approaches and networks of assistance.

Build capacity to promote health

This unit addresses the process of building capacity to promote health among individuals, groups, communities, organisations and coalitions. It focuses on the ability to develop infrastructure, enhance sustainability and foster problem solving capabilities at an individual, team or organisation level.

Create innovation and change through extension

This unit covers extension work at a level meriting international recognition where sustained exceptional performance allows a major contribution to be made towards improved productivity and sustainability in one or more industries. It includes designing extension initiatives, preparing for innovation and change management, creating innovation and change, and monitoring and evaluating the adoption of innovation and change. In practice, creating innovation and change through extension overlaps with other generalist or specialist work activities such as influencing ethical practice, influencing strategic policy, undertaking strategic risk management, leading change management etc.

Lead and influence change

This unit covers organisational leadership in change management through influencing and shaping an organisational culture that is receptive to and embraces the opportunities from change. This requires flexible organisational structures and processes in place to support clients and staff to maximise the strategic advantages of a change for the organisation. The unit includes influencing organisational culture, anticipating change and providing strategic leadership in change management. In practice, leading change occurs in the context of other strategic activities such as providing strategic direction, influencing diversity, providing leadership in human resources management, etc. The unit is one of 6 Australian units of competency in the Working in Government and Management Key Areas that deal with change. Related units of competency are: · PSPGOV205B Participate in workplace change · PSPGOV306B Implement change · PSPGOV405B Provide input to change processes · PSPGOV514A Facilitate change · PSPMNGT604B Manage change

Build partnerships to improve incident response capacity

This unit covers the building of partnerships to improve the organisation's capabilities to respond to incidents. In a typical scenario the person would establish, as part of the organisation's strategic preparedness, mutual aid provisions within inter company relationships so that assistance may be available as needed in a crisis. The person would typically be a member of the crisis management team and would initiate, formalise and manage joint efforts with other organisations to improve incident response capacity.

Educational Resources

If you find educational resources that may be useful for any of the courses or learning objectives above, please add them below.

Resources within Wikieducator

Resources outside Wikieducator

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