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Six Lessons in Storytelling

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The six lessons, to be taken as one course, are primarily meant for students of computer animation. The course attempts to build skills in storytelling by asking students to do a series of exercises and assignments by using free contents available on the web. While self assessment after the completion of six lessons is possible, periodical assessment by the classroom instructor after the completion of each lesson would provide the students with the ideal situation for honing their skills in storytelling. It is also advised that the students take this course together as a class and periodically exchange notes with other students.

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Students are familiar with the available databases on Folk and Fairy Tales sites, Comics Encyclopedia, Cartoon Database and Storytelling Resources available on the web. In case the students are not familiar with the databases, they are advised to follow the links provided and become familiar with at least the comic encyclopedia and cartoon database. The pedagogy of the course is to engage students in analytical skills before moving on to the actual storytelling exercises

  1. Understanding Literary terms and Concepts related to Storytelling
  2. Study in Characterization in Comics, Cartoons, and Animation
  3. Make Two To Be Animated Characters Meet
  4. Create a Plot for the Two To Be_Animated Characters
  5. Write One line Action Sequence
  6. Create Storyboard