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Scenario-Based e-Learning

The ICT led initiatives in e-learning, online student support, digital repositories, open source courseware and provision of instant information to the learners is now part of the ODL system. As IGNOU enters the arena of e-learning, capacity building for its faculty members in the application of technology is becoming an important issue. Several e-learning platforms have been experimented at IGNOU based on its past experiences.

There is, now a growing need to further develop our expertise and experience in e-learning. We propose to do this by refocusing our efforts on the learner, the learning context and community within which learners live and work. Scenario-based learning is learning that is grounded in learning by doing within the context within which learners live and work. It's based on the principles of situated cognition, which is based on the idea that knowledge can not be developed independent of its context (Kindley, 2002)

Project on Scenario Based e-Learning (SBeL) Designs at IGNOU

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), since its establishment in 1985, has contributed significantly to the development of higher education in the country and abroad through the distance mode. The University follows a learner-centric approach and has successfully adopted a policy of openness and flexibility in terms of relaxed entry qualifications, period required for completion of a programme and place of study. The present project is initiated with specific aim to establish a launching pad for e-learning.


The objective of this project is to

  • Orient IGNOU faculty members in the adoption of Scenario Based e-Learning designs especially in its professional programmes;
  • Develop competency among participants in successfully employing SBeLs designs in the teaching;
  • Developing competency among participants in the use of SBeL that is consistent with their performance improvement in learning and teaching;
  • Enable participants to integrate scenario-based e-learning in existing programs;

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The project outcomes are
  1. A group of faculty members at IGNOU with expertise in instructional design and exposure to Scenario-Based e-Learning, who will be able to provide leadership and assistance to other IGNOU faculty over a period of time.
  2. A suite of learning and teaching scenarios developed for each one of the selected subjects. A package of scenarios containing at least one scenario based e-learning material in each professional area involved
  3. A teacher’s guide/handbook/manual on Scenario-Based e-Learning.

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Participants' Work

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