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This is a proposed structure for a "Course Resource Bank" .

Resource Bank instance

Each "Resource Bank" instance (assumes a logged in user is creating the Resource Bank entry, and that they've specified their country in their profile) has a series of fields:

  • topic (picked from a list of topics, or allows a new one to be added?) - required
  • context (option to provide a more specific focus on the resource for which a valid URL is to be provided)
  • link (a valid URL) - required
  • date (created, modified) - generated automatically
  • date (accessed) - generated automatically
  • comment (free text field, allowing basic HTML markup, e.g. links, bold/italics, aimed at creating an annotated bibliography for the course) - required
  • user (reference to the authenticated user who created the entry) - automatically generated
  • course (reference to a course - the nature of a "course" is still to be determined. In the first instance, this can just be a text string, but it could be reference to a URL for a course described in another system, or an object defined in the CMS)
  • cohort (? - necessary?)

The collective view

We also need the ability to look at collections of Course Resource Bank entries, filtered by:

  • the viewer's entries (if the viewer is logged in) perhaps modified by

the context of the current course and/or cohort

  • entries by user
  • entries by course (optionally grouped by cohort)
  • entries by cohort (optionally grouped by course)

Searching Resource Banks

We also need the ability to search Resource Banks, optionally restricted by user, course, and cohort (or a combination).