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Is it better to have the wrong answers to the right question than the right answer to the wrong questions?
Open education courses hosted by WikiEducator and the OER university network encourage community-based approaches for peer-learning support. Many courses use which is an online community-based question and answer forum based on the Open Source Askbot software. The purpose of is to build a database of questions and answers to support OERu learners.

Think of as a community garden - a piece of land gardened by our learners and community volunteers for the benefit of all. You can plant new additions to our garden by asking new questions. You can help maintain our garden by improving answers. You can contribute to a sense of community by voting on the questions and answers you like or find particularly useful. You can help weed out and prune poor performing or unwanted plants by voting down weak answers or flagging unwanted contributions.

This tutorial provides an overview to help you get started with Community participation involves activities like asking questions, contributing answers, voting on questions and answers, and providing comments. Contributors earn points ("karma") and badges for useful participation in the community.

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This tutorial provides an introduction to the basic skills you need to use, including: