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Learning output actions

Prepare a blog post of approximately 500 - 600 words where you:

  • Briefly describe a management situation or project where you, or a manager you worked with, exercised each of the four POLC functions or principles.
  • Justify why you associated the chosen situation or project with each of the four functions in the framework (list each principle together with a brief description of some specific actions taken).
  • Thinking about how balanced you (or the manager you worked with) were between planning, organizing, leading and controlling, explain how your actions will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation.
  • Reflect on how any one of the four principles would mesh with some of Mintzberg's 10 roles of managers (see image).

Remember to tag (Wordpress) or label (Blogger) your blog post using the course tag: PMAN101

Note: You can record your reflections in a written journal, if you prefer, but sharing your insights with your classmates via a blog may lead to a deeper understanding for you and others as everyone can benefit from each other's experience. You are also encouraged to comment on the work of your peers so that an educational discussion might be triggered among your community of learners.

In addition to the requirements above, you are asked to share a final reflection about this e-learning activity by posting a brief comment in WENotes below.

For example:

  • My take-home message is ....
  • The most important thing I learned from this activity was ....

Note: Your comment will be displayed in the course feed.