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International Network of Universities Focused on Student Social Entrepreneurship. Watch this space ....

Welcome to the Social Entrepreneurship Portal



The purpose of the Social Entrepreneurship Portal

The aim is to connect existing WikiEducator projects to Social Entrepreneurs and students of Social Entrepreneurship, with a view to enhancing impact.

We link to web sites, books, university courses, experts, projects, and other resources.

Our community values...

The International Network of Universities Focused on Social Entrepreneurship subscribes to the values of Libre Knowledge Communities:

We value:

  • the members of our community and their diverse perspectives,
  • the learning resources produced and the freedom to use, learn with, enhance and share these resources,
  • the ability of our community to collaborate on managing the quality of shared resources, and
  • the opportunity this offers for networked communities to make a difference collectively, towards a sustainable world.

Libre-emblem.png manifesto

In the news

The main portal is here.

This portal is the WikiEducator node.

We need your help

We need help from social entrepreneurs, educators, and learning designers to assist with the development of the the curriculum. A draft based on the workshop in June is in preparation.

We are looking for help from:

  • A technical WikiEducator to create the templates required for portals similar to those common on WikiVersity. For example, fix this up to enable creation of portals like this. Or, implement Tabbed portals as described here.
  • Technically savvy WikiEducator's to convert the draft curriculum into wiki format (perhaps using the online html2wiki converter
  • Instructional designers to validate and improve the quality of the learning activities;
  • Editors to ensure that the tutorials communicate effectively;
  • Prospective learners who can provide feedback on the materials;
  • Wiki users who can validate the accuracy and quality of the tutorial material.

We will also be grateful for any relevant

Kim 15:31, 24 July 2007 (CEST)

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Talk to us

You are invited to contact us as follows:

  • Mailing list: to subscribe: ...
  • E-mail: ...

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The Social Entrepreneurship Portal is a community resource supported by the ... for the development of free educational resources to help students be successful social entrepreneurs:
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