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This page indexes the use of point-of-view technologies in an educational and related industries context.


Resources which provide a background for POV use in education

Articles Links


  1. Wikitionary - http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/point_of_view
  2. Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/POV

Practical Uses

Examples of the use of POV in an educational context ( alphabetical order )

Carpentry -
Hairdressing -
Plastering -
Plumbing -
Stonemasonry -

POV Visual Literature

  1. Tag - edupov - Flickr Youtube

Platforms That Support Educational POV

Moodle - Flash (.flv) native player Blip - Multi Formats YouTube - Multi-formats


Future Project/Development Area Possibilities


- potential uses - examples of how they are currently being used throughout the wide educational sector - potential uses within MECaTs - strengths and weaknesses (ie. when to use it, and when not)


- how to use the system (is there an instruction guide … I have one here if you’ like to have it …?) o tips for capturing quality video (do’s and don’ts) o basic editing (using Windows Movie Maker) - how to integrate into delivery o delivery options (eg. live demo, upload to Moodle or Connect, create DVD, etc) o format (file type) options: which format is appropriate for which delivery purpose o conversion process: how to convert from one format to another