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On defining your training agenda, you will need to refine your list of possible participants defined in Step 1. In this phase you will be required to confirm the availability of each participant and obtain an understanding of their expectations for the workshop. For those prospective participants who cannot attend, seek replacements from the same institution/community. You will be required to follow-up with the suggested replacement and obtain verbal confirmation of attendance. In this phase, focus on obtaining contact information for the participants. Use the spreadsheet here to manage your participants

Once you are done with the above, create official invitation letters to the participants and clearly indicate that they will be required to train other people and "pay" for their workshop attendance through content production as outlined in the Learn4Content Contract. For each invitation, enclose a copy of the Learn4Content contract which the participants will be required to sign and return together with their registration forms.

Ask the participants to fill in the registration form and sign the Learn4Content contract which should be returned to you as soon as possible. It is important that you ask participants to come with their own content in soft copy to serve as their training content and to refine it further and host it in wikieducator.

Typically an invitation should have a cover letter, registration form, workshop outline and timeframe, advice on the content that the participant should prepare in soft copy, and a map to the workshop location.

Upon the receipt of confirmation from the respective participants:

  1. Update your participant list with up-to-date arrival and departure times
  2. Make the necessary travel arrangements include air-tickets, shuttle availability and communicate the same to the participant
  3. Ask for a proforma invoice from the hotel/avenue and make a deposit payment to guarantee venue availability.