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Published by THINKaha
"Sharyn Fitzpatrick and Happy About have captured the what and why of open textbooks in a format that will appeal to those who love books and those who love Twitter. ... Open licensing allows professors and instructors to tailor textbooks to their students and to freely mix materials from many open sources. Market models similar to those for open-source software permit both low prices for students and sustainable profits for the creators of the textbooks. This book explains these principles and many more in today’s breezy style.”
Jacky Hood, Director, Community College Open Textbooks Collaborative.

Foreword by Wayne Mackintosh

Wayne Mackintosh Yale 2010.jpg
Mark Twain remarked that he could never “make a good impromptu speech without several hours to prepare it.” A tweet, restricted to 140 characters, is a reflection of the impromptu conscience of digital society today. This collection of micro contributions from educators, administrators, and learners reflecting on the burgeoning phenomenon of open education resources and open textbooks is reason to celebrate: we are returning to the core vocation of education, which is to share knowledge freely. Clearly these contributors have thought deeply about the value of “sharing to learn,” but more importantly “learning to share.”

This book is insightfully clever because it conveys a powerful message that will be a catalyst to nurture and evolve into a growing community of educators worldwide that is committed to the evolution and collaborative planning of education projects rooted in the foundations of open content. It is clear that OER futures are inevitable. After reading this text, I wonder when we look back at the history of these sustainable education futures, will we wonder why it took so long?

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