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Our learning society. A classroom in Kuito, Angola.

Image courtesy of Living in Kuito
Rural school, Bangladesh.

Image courtesy of mknobil
Open Schools is a community node of WikiEducators working together on the development of materials for school-level education that can be reused, remixed and repurposed without restriction.

Open schooling uses high quality self-instructional materials drawing on the research and experience of open distance learning. The open schooling approach uses these self-instructional materials in conjunction with a system of tutorial support provided through local study centres. WikiEducator's open schooling initiative aims to:

  • build capacity among educators in using wiki methodologies for implementing open schooling approaches; and
  • reduce the costs of producing self-instructional materials through international collaboration and a free content model.
  • make a substantive contribution to achieving universal access to school-level education using free content.

Open School WikiEducators