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Required parameters

  • microcourse: Name of micro-course, eg "Digital literacies for online learning"
  • fullcourse: Name of associated full course, eg. "Learning in a digital age"
  • fullcourselandingpageurl: URL for full course landing page at TESU.
  • code: Course code for associated micro-course, eg LiDA101
  • microcoursetable: transclude table of associated micro-courses for this qualification
  • tecepurl: URL link to TESU tecep test
  • qualification: Type in qualification option with hyperlink in wiki text.
  • conferingpartner: wiki text for hyperlinked conferring partner name.
  • assessingpartners: wiki text for hyperlinked assessing partner names.
  • image: Standard image syntax for overview of pathways
  • TESUcode: Course code used by TESU

Syntax for transclusion
{{:OERu/TESU certification and qualification options|microcourse=|fullcourse=|fullcourselandingpageurl=|code=|microcoursetable=|qualification=|tecepurl=|conferringpartner=|assessingpartners=||image=|TESUcode=}}

This page explains how this micro-course can be a step towards achieving the {{{qualification}}} at {{{conferringpartner}}}. Study this page carefully to find out what options are available to you and how to achieve them.




Item Link
Exit qualification {{{qualification}}}
Exit qualification awarded by: {{{conferringpartner}}}
Assessing institution for course credit: {{{assessingpartners}}}
Course assessment page [{{{fullcourselandingpageurl}}} {{{fullcourse}}}] ({{{TESUcode}}})
View assessment [{{{tecepurl}}} TECEP® Test description]

Required micro-courses for full course credit

{{{microcourse}}} ({{{code}}}) is one of three required micro-courses to prepare for the TECEP® test for the {{{fullcourse}}} course. The associated micro-courses are:


Steps to gain credit towards the {{{qualification}}}

To earn the {{{qualification}}} conferred by {{{conferringpartner}}}, you must:

  1. Complete the following three micro-courses to prepare for the TECEP® test for the {{{fullcourse}}} course.
    • LiDA101 (Digital literacies for online learning)
    • LiDA102 (Digital citizenship)
    • LiDA104 (Critical media literacies and associated digital skills)
  2. Take the [{{{tecepurl}}} TECEP® test] (single assessment) to qualify for academic credit for the [{{{fullcourselandingpageurl}}} {{{fullcourse}}}] ({{{TESUcode}}}) course at {{{assessingpartners}}}
  3. Complete all the other required courses and apply for the {{{qualification}}} at {{{conferringpartner}}}. (This equates to the learning effort required to complete a full year of academic study).

The {{{qualification}}} provides a pathway for transfer into a Bachelor’s degree at {{{conferringpartner}}}. Please see the {{{conferringpartner}}} website for details.