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Required parameters

  • microcourse: Name of micro-course, eg "Digital literacies for online learning" or transcluded title, eg.: {{:Introduction_to_project_management/Links/IPM101/Title}}
  • fullcoursename: Name of associated full course, eg. "Learning in a digital age"
  • fullcourselandingpage: Link for full course landing page on oeru.org, eg.: https://oeru.org/introduction-to-project-management
  • code: Course code for associated micro-course, eg LiDA101 or transcluded course tag, eg.: {{:Introduction_to_project_management/Links/IPM101/Tag}}
  • generalforumlink: Transcluded URL link to the general course forum for this micro-course, eg.: {{:Introduction to project management/Links/IPM101/General forum}}

Syntax for transclusion {{:OERu/Quiz page introduction|learningpathway=|microcourse=|code=|certifyparticipationpage=}}

Test sign.jpg
The questions which follow provide a basic knowledge test of selected concepts covered in this learning pathway: {{{learningpathway}}}.

The questions published at the end of each learning pathway are re-used for the knowledge test for learners interested in earning a digital badge or certificate of participation for the {{{microcourse}}} ({{{code}}}) micro-course. Please consult the [[{{{certifyparticipationpage}}}|Certify participation page]] for more information.