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Key points
  1. The recent marketing, communications and fund development project has generated the need for a number of new pages on the oeru.org site
  2. We are planning to migrate the OERu site in the future
  3. We have decided implement an interim solution for the new pages on the current site hosted on SilverStripe

Issues and considerations

  • The current OERu site does not support second level drop down navigation
  • Due to capacity constraints, we don't want to spend excessive time on rebuilding the site pending the forthcoming migration of the OERu site
  • We can remove the "Careers" link - position filled ;-)

New pages needed

New page proposed implementation
  • Candidate for new link in the green bar on the bottom of the site. Provisional placeholder already on the site.
  • /BusinessModel
  1. This will be linked from the /Invite page below - so we don't need high level navigation for the interim site.
  2. I don't think it needs a separate link on the bottom green bar?
  1. Suggest replacing the current "Subscibe to OERu updates" link in the main site navigation with a "Join OERu" link which goes to /Invite
  2. Under the History of OERu subheading we could embed an iframe for the /history timeline JS implementation - or would it be better to simply link to /history?
  • Update the "+ Our Story" reveal link on About page to include link to /history page on the site
  • /casestudies
  1. Publish each case study as a News blog so it appears on the News page thus providing a permalink to an html version
  2. Generate a purity pdf version of the case study for download from the /publications page.
  • /publications

We need a publications page which lists:

  1. pdf versions of the case studies posted on the blog news
  2. downloadable versions of our flash new Marcoms (including pdf, and editable versions - .ai and hopefully .svg if we get that sorted.
  3. Other?

I think we can accommodate the publications link in the bottom green bar if we remove links for "Business model" and "Careers"


  • Do we retain the Prospective partners page and link at the bottom of the site - i.e. does the new /Invite page replace the prospective partners page?
  • On the homepage - If you scroll down, there is a "Become an OERu partner area and button "Find out more about becoming a partner" which currently links to the Prospective partners page - I think the button should link to the new /Invite page?


  1. Take a decision on technical solution for scheduling an web interview.