OERu/Planning/Technology working group/30 May 2014

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When: 30 May 2014, 12:30PM NZST (Click on link for local time.)
Where: Google hangout


  1. Update on Course site design project
    • Feedback on custom pages & suggestions for alternate label for "Dashboard" menu item (See example which contains the schedule, announcements and WENotes feed]]). Possible candidates:
      • Learning console
      • Learning desk
      • Thumbnail
      • Roadmap
      • Layout
      • Inside scoop
      • Portal
      • The big picture
      • Essentials
    • Integrating SCAN pages
  2. Considered Draft outline for next OCL4Ed
  3. Wiki page to define OERu community source model
  4. Wiki page for defining OERu workflow
    • Collaboration with the partners manual working group
    • What are the main workflow steps?


Screen cast demo of SCAN page concept:

A free content video streamed from Vimeo
Cc-by new1.svg

University of Southern Queensland.

OERu scan page example.jpg


  1. Attendance: Tim Klapdoor, Tim McCallum, Jim Tittsler, Wayne Mackintosh.
  2. Discussed critique we have received in using Dashboard as a label
    • Will use "console" as label for OCL4Ed June prototype
    • Noted that Dashboard is used by edX for submitting assignments - still a useful concept
  3. Discussed draft outline for next OCL4Ed prototype
    • Short single word descriptors needed for main menu items
  4. Discussed the SCAN page prototype in detail
    • Designed by USQ to be a landing page and substitute navigation framework
    • Level 2 items should produce dynamic navigation of options unless it's a target page
    • Next OCL4Ed will prototype an implementation whereby the SCAN page is accessible from any page as a popup in main navigation
    • Considered providing navigation options for OERu partners in the future when making a snapshot (eg SCAN page as main navigation or conventional website navigation with a popup to display a SCAN page).
    • SCAN page could be used to indicate dynamically where a learner is situated within the course structure.
  5. Team will start developing ideas in the wiki for:
  6. Team are invited to comment and improve on the request for quotation