OERu/Planning/Technology working group/27 June 2014

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When: 27 June 2014, 12:30PM NZST (Click on link for local time.)

Where: Hangout link


  1. Update on OCL4Ed
    • 56 participants from 25 countries
    • 6994 cumulative page views see Webstats for 1st 3 sessionsPDF down.png
    • Approximately 20% accessing course site using mobile OS
  2. Widget:AddToTable - see example bug reporter for Extension:PeerEvaluation
  3. OERF Board decision: Value add publishing services
  4. GSoC Peer Evaluation project
  5. User dashboard
  6. Update: newSpash theming for OERu course site.
  7. Date and convener for next meeting.



Attendance: Tim Klapdor, Jim Tittsler, Wayne Mackintosh & Tim McCallum Sarah Lambert

  1. Google Summer of Code Examples on the beta wiki
  2. Getting feedback to Akash on user experience to feedback - around navigation
  3. Add to Table Widget - add to wiki via form fields - jquery Popover UI
  4. Capacity an interesting challenge for publishing. Course publishing will be limited to partner institutes
  5. newSplash quote accepted - so going ahead with work
    • Request made to have a local copy of database
    • Access to databases for developers may be an issue going forward
    • Discussion around local copies - and working in the open
  6. Discussion around technical component of publishing works
    • A one size fits all approach is possible
    • But how much customisation is going to be needed/wanted?
  7. SCAN Page Update
    • Local development in progress
    • Then code shared and made available via wiki
    • Development of "Vanilla" format, a couple of generic templates starting points for different uses
    • OCL4Ed Scan Page http://wikieducator.org/Practice:OCL4Ed/SCAN
    • Tension between tech teams and course developer - might need coding options to suit different institutions.