OERu/Planning/Technology working group/2016-02-12

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  1. DS4OER course (starts 7 March 2016)
    1. Status of WP page comment feature for WE - Can we prototype for DS4OER 17-03?
    2. Course announcements
      • Confirm approach for no-reply emails
      • Integrating course announcements on course site (updating rather than generating an entire snapshot)
      • Updating the openshift image
      • Using course.oeru.org for non oeru partners?
      • Blog registration
  2. Four commissioned course developments for MVP
  3. OERu 2016 partners meetings - 3 - 5 October
  4. 2016 Action plan
  5. Hewlett Foundation 2016 grantees meeting
  6. Reminder: Annual report - Technology section

Summary notes

  1. Will aim to implement WEnotes comment feature for each page
  2. Assuming low numbers of non OERu partner learners, we should be able to provide WP hosting support on course.oeru.org for the duration of the course, but will retain the openshift domain of one's own option.
  3. Will use a wiki table for blog registration.
  4. Noted that Amazon reserved instance is up for renewal. Tech team will explore options and make recommendation.
  5. Noted that OERF will support commissioned development of up to 4 courses for MVP