OERu/Planning/Technology working group/2015-12-04

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  1. Technology working group 2016 KPIs: Master page | 2016 Operational priorities
  2. Pros/cons WeKan
    1. Kanban in the wiki
  3. Webconferencing: Hosted instance: http://www.bigbluemeeting.com
  4. Discourse and SSL
  5. GIFT format for quizzes (parsing)
  6. WEnotes posting in WordPress
  7. Fate of OnlineGroups.Net...


  1. Discussed context of 2016 KPIs and reviewed draft technology KPIs
    • Team will add comments on discussion pages if required
    • Noted missing KPIs for FOSS technology assessment advice
  2. Discussed pros and cons of WeKan noting concerns about development status of the project.
    • Noted advantages of limiting number of tech platforms and WikiEducator Kanban proof of concept
    • Agreed there are higher development priorities than progressing the wiki Kanban widget and will use existing WeKan / plan.oeru.org as "experimental" technology.
  3. Dave will set up 14 trial account for BBB for testing by a small number of OERu folk.
  4. Discussed challenges with CSS and SSL on the Discourse sites
  5. Update on progress for GIFT format for quizzes.
    • Cloze quiz format will not be implemented - will be substituted by fill in the blank field at end of text question
    • Noted that multi-choice will require a submit button.
    • Discussed alternate options for feedback on individual distractors versus general feedback. Will aim to provide option for both.
  6. Discussed example of Threaded WENotes post on every page in WordPress.
    • Will think further about pedagogical issues relating to optimal ordering (i.e. historical or newest post first)
    • Discussed issues relating to internal WP forums versus discourse forums.
    • Wayne to explore FutureLearn comments
  7. Noted that onlinegroups.net is likely to be discontinued.

Futurelearn page comment system

  1. FutureLearn comments are listed newest first
  2. Appears to only use one level of nested replies - i.e. can only reply to parent comment not reply to reply.
    • Replies do not have a "reply" link
  3. Comment system / interface
    • Feature which enables user to "follow / unfollow" their favourite participants.
    • Options to view: 1) All comments 2) Following 3) Most liked 4) Your comments.
  4. Live counter restricting comments to 1200 characters.