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  • 2015-09-18 00:30 UTC (hover or click for local time)
  • Hangout link

Reminder: The meeting will be one hour earlier in UTC terms starting with the October meeting, because of the change to daylight savings time in New Zealand.


  1. as requested at the last meeting, messages from Discourse are now harvested for WEnotes (OERf request)
  2. 2015 Annual report for the Technology working group - to be presented at October 2015 partner's meeting in South Africa -- I am not seeing the usual Google Hangout link, but I want to add I will be happy to take the lead on drafting this. (Obviously, with many opportunities for you all to edit or comment as you wish.) I know I have been too remote lately, I very much want to make this contribution. I hope that's OK. (And hopefully I will be joining the hangout soon.) Blamb (talk)blamb
  3. Widget:YouTube (and therefore Template:YouTube which wraps it) now support full URLs to external videos in addition to the original YouTube IDs. This allows a stylistically consistent "clickable poster frame" for playing video. External videos always use the poster frame supplied by the author and always act as a link to the external site (rather than embedding for playback in an OERu snapshot). (UoW request)
  4. The WordPress oeru_course theme now supports a second icon set and a set of defaults for a "red" color scheme. Template:IDevice now embeds a data-theme attribute which the WP snapshot script honors. (CSU request)