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  • 2015-08-21 00:30 UTC (hover or click for local time)
  • Hangout link


  1. mahara.OERu.org ePortfolio system has been shut down
  2. WikiEducator/WikiResearcher updated to MW 1.23.10 (and OS kernel/libC updated)
  3. groups.OERu.org messages now appear in the WEnotes stream
  4. Widget:DisplayTable is a Javascript solution for pulling specified rows and/or columns out of a wiki table (examples)
  5. using Pandoc as the first step in converting a course available in Word files to wikitext (and then to a WordPress snapshot) (notes)
  6. OERf is now hosting a lot of WordPress instances in Docker containers (including a test network AKA multisite)
  7. Input evaluation survey is live. Tech group members encouraged to respond. (We have a tech section in the survey). (See Announcement.)
  8. community.oeru.org site - preparing for "launch"
  9. using Extension:WEtheme to inject Font Awesome icons on a wiki page
  10. CodeMirror editor is now active on Widget: pages (in addition to standard .js and .css pages) to make editing Javascript more convenient
  11. OERu Regional meeting sites. Reuse and remix examples: (oz.meetings.oeru.org and ca.meetings.oeru.org)


  1. WEnotes
    1. harvest messages from Discourse community.OERu
    2. ressurrect the ability for client to filter on source (on sub-source? on user? etc.)
  2. need for a digital asset management exemplar