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  • 2015-07-17 00:30 UTC (hover or click for local time)


  1. Dave Lane has joined the OER Foundation
  2. Test instance of Discourse installed
  3. 2015 KPI allocations from OERu strategic plan
  4. OERu.org updates needed
    1. The concept of a start date is confusing for an self-paced course.
    2. There should be a way to acknowledge platinum partners.
  5. http://stats.oeru.org/ has been updated to Piwik 2.14.1
  6. Notice of copyright infringement (http://wikieducator.org/File:Mother_baby75675.jpg)
  7. Confirmation of Hewlett grants:
    • General operating support grant
    • Organisational effectiveness grant (Will commission Brandscaping to assist with marketing, communications, and fund development).

Meeting documentation

Initial KPIs from the strategic plan

  1. 100% of OERu partners assign an administrator for their pages on the Content Management System (Shared KPI with Partner engagement).
  2. Develop recommendations for system to coordinate and communicate credit transfer and articulation pathways to OERu learners. (Shared KPI with Standing committee for credit transfer and Curriculum and programme of study).
  3. Develop recommendations for system to communicate degree pathways and pricing models for services (summative assessment and other value-added partner services.) (Shared KPI with Curriculum and programme of study).
  4. 0.5 FTE contribution in kind to OERu community source technology innovation (i.e. 10 working days per month spread across the network)
  5. 30% of OERu partners with membership on the OERu technology email list.
  6. Develop recommendations for tracking learners accessing OERu course materials.

Shared KPIs

  1. 150 participants on the OERu partners planning list by 31 December 2015 (i.e. approximately 4 members per partner institution). (Primary focus of Partner engagement but shared with Technology).
  2. 350 participants on the open OERu community list (Primary focus of Partner engagement but shared with Technology).
  3. AVI Process design framework to communicate activities where volunteer help is needed and to coordinate volunteers (Primary focus of Partner engagement but shared with Technology).


  1. Attendance: Dave Lane, Jim Tittsler, Tim Klapdoor and Wayne Mackintosh
  2. Welcomed Dave Lane, new open source technologist at the OERF to the technology working group acknowledging the platinum tier partners who are contributing financially towards this shared position.
  3. Noted installation of a trial instance of Discourse at community.oeru.org
    • Intention is to consider using community.oeru.org as the main community site for OERu in the future leveraging the community building features of the technology.
    • Acknowledged the risks of spreading the community too thin across multiple platforms but noted that hosting OERF enterprise community technologies using FOSS is better aligned with the values of the Foundation.
    • Members of the technology working group and selected leaders in the OERu community will be invited to explore and test the community.oeru.org site and asked to assist with priming the site with authentic posts.
    • Will monitor which technologies "stick" with the OERu community.
  4. Reviewed the 2015 KPI allocations for the technology group
    • Referenced the recommendation to call for volunteers to assist OERu partners with uploading content to the CMS from the previous OERuMC meeting.
    • Acknowledged the need for a few training resources to show OERu CMS administrators how to upload their content in the CMS.
    • Agreed that these were appropriate noting that the KPI outputs may need to be amended with the adoption of the new communication technology tools
    • Stressed that the development of recommendations for the OERu systems to communicate degree pathways and pricing models for services (summative assessment and other value-added partner services.) is a productive area of work.
  5. Received notice of copyright infringement by a WikiEducator user and reported this in the agenda. (Subsequent to meeting: All questionable images uploaded by the user have been deleted, email was sent to last known email address advising the user of the notice of copyright infringement and user has been blocked from editing due to copyright violation. Company representing the rights holder has been advised of the actions we have taken and they have advised the OERF that the file is now closed.)
  6. Noted a number of updates which are needed for the oeru.org site. These are being logged as issues on bitbucket.