OERu/Planning/Technology working group/2015-06-18

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  1. OERu Open Source Technologist position
  2. Forums and community site


  1. Apologies Jim Tittsler and Brian Lamb
  2. Confirmed the appointment of Dave Lane as Open Source Technologist. We're very excited to have the calibre of Dave's skills joining the team.
  3. Advised that we are setting up a hosted version of OnlineGroups.net to host individual groups for each of the working groups on a new subdomain: groups.oeru.org
  4. Advised that we will be installing our own instance of Discourse under the subdomain like: community.oeru.org. We will trial the technology as a community building tool for OERu partners. The technology has potential for learner interactions in future OERu courses and the OERF would like to gain first hand experience with the tech in order to take informed decisions about its potential for supporting learner communities.