OERu/Planning/Technology working group/2015-02-06

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  • 2015-02-05 23:30 UTC (hover or click for local time)
  • Hangout link


  • Theme rendering problems with IE<11
  • Exploring libreboard for card metaphor planning for OERu
  • linking to (and embedding in snapshots) SoundCloud audio clips (template, demo, in course)
  • newSplash theme for snapshots - 2 in action linked from this page
  • contractor Pat (Pgogy) newSplash inspired theme for Wordpress snapshots
  • encouraging migration to Template:IDevice from the older Pedagogical templates
  • SCAN pages?
  • grid/row/column layout in the wiki
  • Survey of OERu partners open source dev capability to run in parallel with institutional action plans.

Additional thoughts

  • Using ES2015 (née ES6) with IOjs, 6to5, Traceur, and Regenerator


A couple more SPLOT tools:

Still under development.

Brian to explore having a co-op student clean up TRU course under development (led by Gail Morong), and capture list of common mistakes or glitches.