OERu/Planning/Technology working group/2014-12-12

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  1. Specification for Wordpress theme to mirror OERu look and feel plus snapshot "import" feature.
  2. Open edX trial
  3. New OERF tech position
  4. embedding YouTube video in snapshots
  5. embedding Soundcloud
    • in the wiki
    • in snapshots
  6. need for course development tutorials explaining the wiki and its conventions
  7. need for Template:IDevice tutorial
  8. Mediawiki 1.24


Desire for two viable products that extend delivery model for partners: something with WordPress? edX?

OERf could post a "bounty" based on specs written by Tim McCallum.

  1. A "marketplace" for developers: http://www.toptal.com/ Use the existing Bootstrap code and integrate it to a Bootstrap-framed WP theme?
  2. Also, a plugin for content transfer between MediaWiki and WordPress
  3. Tim Klapdor has been looking at http://wp-types.com/ for some creating reusable custom post types that can be exported and imported

For edX - explore use of machine images, containers,

  • Bitnami...
  • EC2
  • Route 53
  • Digital Ocean

Some good progress on embedding YouTube and SoundCloud into wiki and snapshots

Extend model of Course Development Manual to wiki conventions...? Update Pedagogical Template Quickstart guide to use the generic Template:IDevice instead of the older individual pedagogical templates

MediaWiki 1.24... planned to be installed over holidays.

Next Meeting

There will be no meeting on 2014-12-26. The next regularly scheduled hangout will be 2015-01-09.