OERu/Planning/Technology working group/2014-10-03

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  1. Review progress of course site theming project
  2. Support tutorial links


  1. en.WikiEducator now supports SSL, simplifying including IFramed content in an institutional LMS
  2. Group prefers the implementation of headings and subheadings without separate tiles for each subheading.
  3. Group are happy with the look and feel of the iDevice elements
  4. Discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the prototype breadcrumb versus floating icon element for 3rd level navigation.
    • Group prefers a breadcrumb-like solution but recommend that 3rd level navigation should become a page element rather than being incorporated into the main site navigation. Tim Klapdoor has prepared a mock-up illustrating this implementation. (see images below.)
  5. Discussed the header logo area and felt that this implementation was consuming considerable real-estate, particularly for mobile devices. Possible solutions to suggest to NewSpash:
    • Move institutional logo to the footer area
    • Keep institutional logo on the landing page but don't display on other pages. For mobile devices / responsive design, implement a solution where the logo is moved to the footer area, see for example CSU's mobile hub page.
  6. Tim USQ shared the idea for posting micro-tasks with nominal bounties as mechanism to engage students in coding small projects for OERu.

Screen mock-ups for 3rd level navigation

Tim Klapdoor prepared a mock-up to illustrate a recommended solution for 3rd level navigation where:

  • Navigation becomes a page element.
  • Nested inside a collapsible panel
  • Show as ordered list instead of breadcrumbs
  • Use 3 & 3 column grids for desktop and mobile

Screen mock-up by Tim Klapdoor
Screen mock-up by Tim Klapdoor with markup