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When: 8 August 2014, 12:30PM NZST (Click on link for local time.)

Where: Hangout link (copied from previous Hangout, hope it's correct)


  1. Can we schedule a demo of Silver Stripe? It is mentioned in the last meeting notes, and i'm not understanding what the issue is with single sign on and interoperability between in and MediaWiki. I would like to see it for myself. Slambert 05:28, 5 August 2014 (UTC)
  2. Last notes said "More discussion is required around the resource bank and a snapshot course. The resource bank will not currently work/integrate with a snapshot course." Again I'm not clear what the issue/challenge is that we are trying to resolve.Slambert 05:28, 5 August 2014 (UTC)
  3. Progress on course site design project
  4. Planned Mediawiki upgrade
  5. Course sprint planning

Meeting discussion

  1. Considerable number of new commits for Google SofC, close to deadline. Will be a challenge to thoroughly review before deadline.
  2. Redesign going through newSplash (via Otago)... Using Twitter Bootstrap. Easily re-themeable by partners.
    • Split opinion on using breadcrumb navigation. Some like it some don't Advantage - displays where user is within the navigation tree. Disadvantages: No context for what comes next in a learning sequence. Long page titles will be a challenge with breadcrumb navigation.
    • There is an opinion that the OERu logo is perhaps better displayed in the footer area. Consumes real-estate on mobile phone with image wrapping issues with corresponding text. At this point the learning is more important than logo branding.
    • General feeling that breaking headings and subheadings into panels is not ideal. Most preferred keeping all headings and subheadings in one panel. However, one participant felt while not a traditional approach, this was a refreshing. Perhaps there is a design compromise here - keeping level 1 and its children in a single panel - ie keeping <H1> and its associated subheadings in the same panel?
    • General feeling that the typeface size of the headings was disproportionately large when compare to normal text and what the audience is familiar with.
    • General feeling that the pedagogical template (colour and size of typeface) confuses the hierarchy within a page (pedagogical template is a sub-element of all headings of a page.)
  3. Re: Silver Stripe demo... particularly with regards to interoperability with MediaWiki. At moment, Silver Stripe is for public website, not for learning content. Demo to be set up, and made available to wider OERu community for purposes of showing how to upload course summaries.
  4. Widgets in WikiEducator need to be re-written for snapshot, course authentication needs to be reworked. OERu partners not at coordinated capacity to integrate a federated solution. So will likely be rolled out in two or more phases.
  5. MediaWiki upgrade at end of this month, or early next month. Early steps with Liquid Threads have been encouraging positive. Numerous usability advantages, including Visual Editor, templates have more of a form interface. Jim has published list of extensions to be removed, no objections so far.
  6. Course sprint: semi-synchronous learning challenges, drawing on CS model, run through a design process. Perhaps incorporating CS processes into an OERu course.