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Meeting times

  1. Region A: New Zealand, East Australia and Canada
    • Google Hangout link
    • East Australia - Thursday 28 May 2015, 9am
    • West Australia - Thursday 28 May 2015, 7am
    • New Zealand - Thursday 28 2015, 11am
    • Edmonton - Wednesday 27 May 2015, 5pm
    • Vancouver - Wednesday 27 May 2015, 4pm
  2. Region B - UK and West Australia
    • Google Hangout link
    • UK - Tuesday 26 May 2015, 9am
    • West Australia - 26 May 2015, 4pm
    • New Zealand - 26 May 2015, 8pm.
  3. Due to travel, arranged separate meeting with David Gibson on 22 May 2015


  1. Welcome
  2. Review of the aims of the working group. Suggested aims:
    • To monitor and provide oversight over the implementation of the OERu Strategic Plan
    • To liase with the OERu Council of CEOs, OERu Management Committee and Board of Directors of the OER Foundation.
    • To coordinate the activities of the OERu working groups
    • To support partner recruitment
  3. Establishing 2015 objectives
    • To facilitate the achievement of the 2015 KPIs
    • To assign 2015 KPIs to relevant working groups
    • To develop and coordinate an action calendar and key milestones
    • To monitor and report on progress with the implementation of the strategic plan.
    • To oversee the Input phase of the CIPP (Context, Input Process and Product) evaluation initiative.
    • To develop business strategies for the OERu including open business models and nurturing key points of difference for the OERu network
  4. Summary of 2015 Institutional Action Plans submitted
  5. Summary of suggested key output targets for 2015 working group activities
    • Curriculum and programme of study
      • 1st year of study
      • Post-graduate professional development qualification
      • 2015 call for course nominations
    • Partner engagement
      • Implement recommendations for course design and development partners manual / task force for new OERu partners/ OERu induction mOOC?
      • OERu certified educators
      • Achieving working group participation targets
      • Implementation of recommendations of the Singer and Porter OERu research project using activity theory framework
      • How do we progress the concept of OERu focal points at each partner institution / regional OERu hubs.
    • Standing committee for credit transfer
    • Course approval and quality
      • Publish OERu quality guidelines (Design blueprinting and quality standards)
    • Technology
      • Regular operational meetings
      • Oversee coordination of activities for the shared Open Source Technologist position
    • PLAR portfolio course
      • Recommend postponing activities until more partners engage
    • Marketing recruitment and communication
      • Recruit members from marketing departments at partner institutions
      • Awaiting outcome of Organisation Effectiveness Grant application
  6. Develop and coordinate action calendar with key milestones
  7. Review the progress report for CEOs
  8. 2015 OERu meetings - Status report

Minutes and decisions

Icon key points.gif
Key points
  • Three conference sessions were conducted for this meeting to accommodate time zone differences and travel of a member of the strategic planning group.
  • The meeting reviewed the Institutional Action Plan (IAP) process. An OERu progress report will be distributed to the CEOs of the OERu partners. The meeting recommended options for future implementation of the IAP process.
  • The meeting recommended the development of OERu open business plans to be tabled at the 2015 meeting of the Council of CEOs.
  • A number of refinements for recording the planning and implementation of the OERu in the wiki were recommended.

  1. Attendance: David Gibson (21 May), Wayne Mackintosh (21, 26 & 27 May), Gary Campbell (26 May), Catherine Clark (26 & 28 May), David Porter (28 May), Jim Taylor (28 May) and Lenora LeMay (28 May) Apology Vanessa Chang.
  2. Pre-meeting discussion with David Gibson from Curtin University.
    • Noted the value of distributing the IAPs for the forthcoming year at least 3 months before the OERu partners meetings for integration into the planning process.
    • Highlighted the opportunity to encourage more than one representative from each partner institution to attend the OERu meetings and to incorporate agenda time for partners to discuss local plans for implementation during the OERu meeting.
  3. Summary of key points from UK and West Australia meeting
    • Provided a general overview of the organisation and operation of OERu working groups.
    • Agreed on the suggested aims and objectives of the the strategic planning working group.
    • Discussed importance of developing open business models for partner institutions and listed business motivations for engaging in the OERu network, including for example:
      • Internationalisation (especially for regional universities)
      • Institutional marketing benefits
      • Providing local learners with intercultural learning experiences
      • Developing a free first year of study to widen access for new cohorts of learners
      • Altruism
      • Selling new services enabled by a disaggregated model
      • We must think about two questions 1) What's in it for me? (Individuals) 2) What's in it for the university? (Institutions)
    • Noted with reference to the time required for the completion of institutional IAPs that a cultural change is necessary as many academics and decision makers are not familiar with the afffordances of OER and that considerable time is needed to explain and discuss the value proposition.
    • Noted the reticence of institutions to work openly on course development and the preference to publish a finished product of high quality for fear of criticism and brand dilution. This emphasises the ongoing need for professional development in open design methodologies and induction courses for new OERu partners.
  4. Summary of key points from East Australia and New Zealand meeting
    • Provided a general overview of the organisation and operation of OERu working groups including a summary of the wiki navigation.
    • Reviewed the proposed aims for the working group and recommended the following change: "To facilitate the coordination of activities of the OERu working groups".
    • Agreed to the proposed objectives for the working group noting that these can be refined in the future.
    • Reflected on the IAP process noting that:
      • This is a valuable process approved for implementation by the Council of CEOs. As such, the Council of CEOs should be engaged in the process to encourage timely submissions and corresponding implementation.
      • As the first iteration of the IAP process, we have achieved a reasonable submission rate and learned from the experience; most notably the apparent variation in the time required to follow due process for endorsement at partner institutions.
      • Aligning the request for IAPs so that they can be discussed at the relevant partners meeting preceding the year of the IAP is a good approach for the future. However, transitioning to a future focus for IAPs (rather than the current year) generates timing challenges associated with a request to submit 2016 IAPs 3 months prior to the 2015 annual partners meeting. It was noted that a call for 2016 IAPs before the October 2015 partners meeting would be too soon after the initial call and report on the 2015 IAPs. The group therefore proposed that the recommendation for aligning the request for IAPs with the partners meeting be held over until the 2016 partners meeting aiming to distribute the call for 2017 IAPs in the first quarter of 2016. The management and oversight of OERu activities for 2015 and 2016 will be covered by a combination of the current IAPs, the development of an action calendar and maintenance of a current course development list in the wiki.
    • Engaged in a wide and rich discussion relating to the challenges for cultural transformation in our organisations associated with the integration of open practices:
      • Noted that this is a "cross-cutting" theme for all levels of leadership in the organisation.
      • Noted that this is a priority discussion at the institutional level for considering open practices, policy frameworks and open activities which are wider than institutional engagement with the OERu. Generally OERu partners would indicate that they support open practices but further discussion is needed to determine what that means in different contexts.
      • Noted that institutional membership of the OERu is a low risk but high impact strategic opportunity for partners to explore how best to integrate open practices on campus for the benefit of individual partners.
      • Recommended that the OERu partner engagement group should explore the question of cultural change for openness at the institutional level and how the OERu network could share examples of best practice and models for future success.
    • Endorsed the recommendation for developing open business plans for the OERu partners and suggested regional "planning sprints" in collaboration with the Creative Commons "Open Business Model" project. The target outcome is to produce a partner-focussed "OERu Business Plan" for discussion at the October meeting of the OERu Council of CEOs.
  5. Considered the structure of the 2015 working groups:
    • Recommended that the "PLAR Working Group" be combined with the OERu "Standing Committee for Credit Transfer".
    • Recommended that the "First Year of Study Working Group" be subsumed with the "Curriculum and Programme of Study Working Group" and that developing the first year of study for the OERu should be an operational priority for 2015.
    • Noted that a number of activities from the previous "Partners Manual Working Group" have been incorporated into the new "Partner Engagement Working Group".
  6. Confirmed the following next steps: Schedule the next meeting of the OERu Management Committee; Recommended objectives and KPIs assigned for each working group be distributed for discussion and prioritisation by the working groups; Working groups to determine what outputs they can realistically achieve for tabling at the OERu partners meeting in October 2015.

Key decisions arising from the strategic planning working group meetings

  1. The refined aims and objectives for the "Strategic Planning Working Group" were approved.
  2. Members of the working group agreed to review and comment on the draft OERu progress report by Wednesday 3 June 2015 for distribution to the CEOs.
  3. Working group refinements:
    • Recommended that the "PLAR Working Group" be combined with the "Standing Committee for Credit Transfer".
    • Recommended that the "First Year General Education Component Working Group" be combined with the "Curriculum and Programme of Study Working Group".
  4. The Strategic Planning group agreed that the OERu should initiate processes to develop open business models from the perspective of individual OERu partners which will be tabled for discussion at the October meeting of the OERu Council of CEOs. This should be developed in consultation with the Creative Commons project on "Open Business Models". Where possible, the OERu will plan "regional sprints" to develop and inform the final version for discussion by the CEOs.
  5. Agreed to establish a Current Course Development List by consolidating the various course nomination lists from 2012 through to 2014.
  6. Agreed to establish and coordinate an action calendar with key milestones as component of the 2015 operational priorities.

Action items

  1. Update the agreed aims and objectives on the homepage of the Strategic Planning working group. Done --Mackiwg (talk) 10:14, 28 May 2015 (UTC)
  2. Circulate OERu progress report to Vice Chancellors and CEOs. Done --Mackiwg (talk) 22:52, 19 July 2015 (UTC)
  3. Schedule next meeting of the OERu Management Committee ideally to take place before the end of July 2015. Done --Mackiwg (talk) 22:52, 19 July 2015 (UTC)
  4. Quicklinks page to be updated as follows:
    • 2014 operational priorities should be updated to reflect 2015 operational priorities
    • Reflect the new working groups Done --Mackiwg (talk) 07:09, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
    • Create new landing page for Council of CEOs (currently links to report of the inaugural 2013 meeting of CEOs). Done. Created new pages for OERu organisation and OERu Council of CEOs --Mackiwg (talk) 22:55, 19 July 2015 (UTC)
  5. Design and establish 2015 operational priority page in the wiki incorporating 2015 KPIs and calendar of activities.
  6. Incorporate agenda item to discuss local institutional implementation plans at partners meeting.
  7. Establish team for working on the development of open business models based on the Open Business Models Project of Creative Commons. Done. Regional meetings for Open Business models in planning. --Mackiwg (talk) 07:09, 24 July 2015 (UTC)