OERu/Planning/Strategic planning working group/2nd meeting - 7 August 2014

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When: 7 August 2014, 11:30AM NZST (Click on link for local time.)
Where: Skype conference call


  1. Welcome
  2. Summary of process for developing the strategic planning draft
  3. Web activity report
  4. Feedback on the consultation draft
  5. Letter from the Chair of the OERu Council of CEOs
  6. November meeting of OERu Council of CEOs

Minutes and decisions

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Key points
  • Reviewed progress on the development and open consultation of the OERu strategic plan concluding that the Strategic Planning working group is happy with progress to date.
  • Recommended that the plan be implemented as a living document with annual targets which can be recalibrated in response to changes in the OERu environment.
  • Noted that the strategic plan will be tabled for approval during the 2014 OERu meetings.

  1. Attendance: David Porter; Alan Davis; Jim Taylor; and Wayne Mackintosh. Apology: Robin Day.
  2. Noted that the draft strategic plan was derived from the recommendations and decisions taken during the 2013 series of OERu partner meetings.
  3. Summarised the development and open consultation process:
  4. Reported that as on 7 August 2014, the strategic planning pages have generated 3,724 page views representing 1,783 unique visits.
    • Noted that the strategic planning pages are being visited by the community
    • Noted that the calibre of feedback received to date is constructive and will contribute to improving the plan.
    • Noted that draft has succeeded in communicating what the OERu is aiming to acheive.
    • Noted that there has been ample opportunity for the community and OER partners to provide feedback.
    • Noted that the SCoPE seminar was scheduled during the summer vacation in the Northern hemisphere which may account for lower than normal contributions during the seminar.
  5. Recommended that the strategic plan be implemented as an "evergreen" and living document which can be recalibrated and improved in response to the dynamic OERu and higher education environment.
  6. Recommended that the published plan should provide concrete annual targets for 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively.
  7. Recommended that the strategic plan should incorporate an objective to establish a process for an "idealised" programme of study for the OER.
  8. Discussed progress on the achievement of the 2014 operational priorities.
    • Noted that the new working group structure has contributed to our progress and that the structures appear to be working well.
  9. Agreed that the Chair of the OERu Council of CEO's will send a letter to all the CEs in the network inviting them to assist with identifying prospective partners and noting the importance of support for OERu partners to complete their respective course nominations.
    • Recommended that a summary of OERu progress be included as an attachment to the letter.
  10. Agreed that the strategic planning committee will commence drafting of the strategic plan taking consultation feedback into account targeting a draft by October 2014 for initial comment by the EXCOM of the Council of CEOs for tabling at the 2014 OERu meetings in Australia.
  11. Noted that we anticipate +55% of the OERu partners to be represented at the OERu Council of CEO's meeting in November 2014.
  12. Suggested that discussions relating to the development of a coherent programme of study would be an important agenda item at the OERu 14.11 Partners meeting.
    • Suggested appropriate pre-meeting activities to prepare for discussions on the OERu programme of study.
  13. Adjourned at approximately 11.57am NZST

Action items

  1. David will post item in SCoPE seminar about producing an "evergreen" strategy document Posted by Dave
  2. Jim will post item in SCoPE seminar relating to annual targets. Posted by Jim
  3. Draft letter for Chair of Council of CEOs to send to OERu CEs Letter has been drafted. --Mackiwg 05:53, 16 August 2014 (UTC)
  4. Commence drafting of strategic plan.