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Key points
  1. This "Twinkle in the eye" list is a bulletin board for possible course contributions intended to help identify possible collaborations in the OERu network or ideas for future development.
  2. Submissions are not binding and do not necessarily carry institutional approval.
  3. Login to WikiEducator and add your contribution including:
    • Organisation
    • Name of course (indicating full or micro format)
    • Year level
    • Credential
    • Any useful information
    • Name and contact details
  4. For example: Otago Polytechnic: 4 micro courses at 1st year level on Patisserie Fundamentals leading to the Bachelor of Culinary Arts. Looking for partners in the network who offer hospitality or catering courses to work with us. Submitted by --Mackiwg 05:07, 12 May 2014 (UTC) (email: wayne@oerfoundation .org)

First year courses

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Second year courses

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Third and Fourth year courses

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Postgraduate courses

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