OERu/Planning/Standing committee for credit transfer/15.07 Meeting of the Standing Committee for Credit Transfer

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When: 22 July 2015, 9:00AM NZST (Click on link for local time.)
Where: Google Hangouts on Air (Broadcast live)

Meeting papers

  1. OERu credit transfer and course articulation guidelines


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Background
  3. Open discussion on the aims and objectives for the Committee
  4. Relevant 2015 KPIs
  5. Target outputs for the October OERu partners meeting.
  6. eMail list for the Committee
  7. General

Minutes of the meeting

The group convened a little bit after 5:00 (US Eastern time) on 21 July 2015. In attendance were:

  • Wayne Mackintosh, Director, OER Foundation
  • Joan Taylor, Academic Registrar, NorthTec
  • Diane Purvey, Dean of Arts, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Marc Singer, Vice Provost, Thomas Edison State College

Following introductions and some discussion of the processes by which the committee would operate, the committee members reviewed the Draft OERu credit transfer and course articulation guidelines. These guidelines were drafted by the Credit Transfer and Course Articulation Working Group, which has given way, at the recommendation of the Anchor Partners during the 3rd meeting of OERu Anchor Partners, to this Standing Committee.

For the most part, the committee members welcomed the Draft Guidelines’ focus on quality assurance and the effort to establish a common terminology for all OERu partners to use.

Other points noted regarding the Guidelines were that, if an institution, such as one of the partners in the United States, could not directly accept credits from a non-US partner, there are means by which those institutions could make the credits their own, as it were, through assessments and other measures detailed in the Guidelines.

The Committee discussed what should be its goals both short- and long-term. The consensus of the participants was that first and foremost we should work to review, modify (if necessary), and approve the Draft Guidelines. Following that, the Committee would be responsible for maintaining and further developing the Guidelines in response to whatever need there might be to do so. Ultimately, the goal of the Committee would be to develop a structure for implementation of the Guidelines, and then to work to accomplish the first Key Performance Indicator (KPI): targeting 30% adoption by OERu partners by end of 2015.

An additional shared (with the Technology and Curriculum and Programme of study working groups), related KPI that will be part of the focus of this Standing Committee is to develop recommendations for a system to coordinate and communicate credit transfer and articulation pathways to OERu learners. The Committee will discuss how this might work in a future meeting.

The Committee’s convener (Marc) will send out invitations to the group’s members to join our list on the groups.oeru.org page. Members are encouraged to accept the invitation.

Action items

  1. Marc to send invites to members to join the committee email list on groups.oeru.org. Done
  2. Convener will draft aims and objectives for the committee's homepage. Members of the committee will review and post any comments on the talk page in the wiki.
  3. Members of the committee should review the guidelines in detail and post comments on the discussion page (Log in to WikiEducator to post to the wiki).