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The OERu SEO and digital marketing project is funded by an organizational effectiveness grant from the Hewlett foundation to support digital marketing and communications planning for the implementation of the OERu first year of study.


Project team

Reference group

  • Dr David Porter (Representative from the OER Foundation Board of Directors)
  • Emeritus Professor Jim Taylor (Representative from the OER Foundation Board of Directors)
  • Dr Wayne Mackintosh (Director and member of the OER Foundation Board of Directors)
  • Partner representatives from the OERu Marketing and Communications Group

Implementation team

  • Wayne Mackintosh, OER Foundation
  • Dave Lane, OER Foundation
  • Clair Goode, Otago Polytechnic (seconded to OERu)
  • Simonne Wood, Otago Polytechnic (seconded to OERu)
  • Caitlin Draper-Wheeler, Digital Hothouse
  • Yohei Guy, Digital Hothouse
  • Paul Thornton, Digital Hothouse



  • First meeting of the reference group (Anticipated early Marh 2019)


Current activities

Review and feedback on the baseline reports

We invite feedback and commentary on the following baseline reports. Reviewers are invited to join the OERuSEO group on Hypothes.is (you will need to create an account on Hypothes.is if you don't already have one.) Launch Hypothes.is in your browser and comment on the following pdf reports, ensuring that you post comments to the "oeruseo" group not public comments.

(For more information on using Hypothes.is see OERu support.)