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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

Project team

  • Adrian Stagg, Manager (Open Educational Practice), University of Southern Queensland, adrian.stagg@usq.edu.au.
  • Wayne Mackintosh, Director, OER Foundation, wayne@oeru.org
  • Linda Ward, Professional Learning Manager, DSL, Charles Sturt University, lward@csu.edu.au
  • Andy Brown, Head of Academic Development, University of the Highlands and Islands, andy.brown@uhi.ac.uk
  • Carina Bossu, Lecturer Learning and Teaching (OEP), University of Tasmania, carina.bossu@utas.edu.au
  • Deepak Prasad, Learning Designer, University of the South Pacific, prasad_d@usp.ac.fj
  • Danielle Dubien, Instructional Designer and PhD student, University of Canterbury
  • Maureen Glynn, Instructional Designer, Ryerson University

Resource links

Draft documents arising from the project

Checklists & Frameworks

Relevant OER Courses

  • Course on OERs by La Francophonie: [5]

Meeting Administration

  • Please respond to the Poll to help schedule the first meeting. I have needed to put the Australian contingent late in the day to ensure that our international colleagues do not need to be up at terrible hours of the early morning.
  • Respond here: http://doodle.com/poll/kqep5qb376ginugn

The first meeting will take place via Zoom (https://usq.zoom.us/j/777842578) on Friday 28/07/17, at 10.30am (AEST). The main agenda points as the group forms will be:

  • meet the team,
  • understand prior experiences of openness and course quality within the team,
  • suggest and commit to some activities to initiate this project.

Meeting notes will be kept and distributed in this space.

Communication channels

  • OERu Discourse page (please remember to tag your posts with 'Quality Group'): [6]
  • Curriculum, Programme of Study, and Quality Working Group: [7]
  • OERu Focal Points: [8]