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Bounty placed on hold - no submissions received.

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The purpose of this bounty project is to source an existing open textbook(s) and to develop an OERu open online course mapped to the learning outcomes of a 2nd year level course in the Bachelor of Applied Management at Otago Polytechnic based on the open text. The total value of this bounty contest is NZ$15,000 requiring completion by the end of 2014.


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Otago Polytechnic, a founding anchor parter of the OERu, will fund a bounty project to develop an undergraduate open online course based on an open textbook(s) which meets the learning outcomes of a course in the Bachelor of Applied Management. Similar to an open-source bounty, this project will offer a reward for completing the task. Prospective candidates should consult the WikiEducator bounty contest rules for more information.

The bounty of NZ$15,000 should be apportioned roughly as follows:

  • Authoring 66% ($10,000) - The subject matter experts develop the course outline, learning pathways, selection of learning resources, the content for the learning pathways, learning activities, assessments and flow of the course.
  • Learning design 33% ($5,000) - The learning designer provides support for the pedagogical quality of the course including the design of the learning activities, assessment strategy, integration of quizzes, pedagogical and wiki templates used for the themed OERu course site etc.

Project requirements

The task is to develop an open online course based on an open textbook (i.e. a wrap-around model) for delivery by the OERu designed for 150 notional learning hours (15 credits in the New Zealand system)

Minimum requirements

  1. Authors must be suitably qualified in the subject area at the level expected from a tertiary education institution in New Zealand.
  2. The course must be released under a Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution ShareAlike license (Authors will retain copyright).
  3. Authors will select one or more existing open textbooks which map to the learning outcomes of a 2nd year level course in the Bachelor of Applied Management. The open textbook(s) must be openly licensed, permit reuse and modification and preferably available in editable file formats. (CC-BY and CC-BY-SA licenses are preferred.) The textbook must be of acceptable quality to meeting the required learning outcomes, but can be adapted or improved as part of this project.
  4. The course should be designed for independent self-study incorporating strategies for peer-learning for delivery using the OERu model.
  5. The course design must:
    • Structure the course into 3 or 4 micro-courses of approximately 40 to 50 notional learning hours.
    • Each micro-course should incorporate formative assessment components and a summative assessment designed for formal academic credit.
    • Embed learning activities leading to the achievement of the learning outcomes.
  6. All course materials to be developed openly and hosted on WikiEducator for delivery using the OERu course site design, see for example OCL4Ed.
  7. Authors will be required to participate in an online "course sprint" with OERu partners estimated to take about 4 to 5 working days. The bulk of the course development will take place during the course sprint.
  8. The team should be experienced in the use of a number of web and social media technologies.
  9. The course development must be completed by the end of 2014.

Recommended requirements

A strong bounty proposal is one which:

  1. Comprises a team of two or more subject matter experts (the authors). The bounty will be apportioned according to workload contributions from the team members.
  2. Includes independent learning design expertise for online learning.
  3. Demonstrated knowledge and experience in the New Zealand tertiary education sector.
  4. Has acquired approval for the course to be adopted at one or more of the New Zealand or international OERu anchor partners for formal academic credit (i.e. in addition to Otago Polytechnic)
  5. Provides compelling reasons why the team wants to participate in the project and why we should award the bounty for your proposal.

Submitting an expression of interest

Prepare a short proposal in WikiEducator by the close of business on 31 July 2014 of about 600 words including:

  1. Name of the course in the Bachelor of Applied Management your team will be developing.
  2. Name and links to the open textbook(s) you have selected for this project
  3. Names, contact details, qualifications and experience of your team members.
  4. Indicate how the bounty should be apportioned among team members.
  5. Names of OERu partner institutions who have confirmed that they will adopt the course for local teaching at their institution.
  6. Justify why your team should be awarded the bounty.
  7. Post a message on the the main OERu partner's email list with a link to your expression of interest in the wiki.

Note: If you have any questions about this bounty project, they should be posted on the OERu partner's email list. As the OERu partnership subscribes to open and transparent planning, we prefer to respond to queries publicly for the benefit of all interested parties.

Notification of acceptance

  1. The final selection for the bounty project will be made by Phil Ker, Chief Executive of Otago Polytechnic.
  2. Otago Polytechnic will contact the successful applicants via email and post a response on the corresponding talk page in the wiki notifying you of your selection for this bounty. You will be required to sign a contract with Otago Polytechnic before commencing work on the bounty project.
  3. The decision of Otago Polytechnic will be final and advised on the OERu partners list. We will not contact unsuccessful applicants.

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