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Key points
  1. OERu partners retain decision-making autonomy regarding all aspects associated with local course approvals, assessment and credit transfer recognition.
  2. The partners actively involved with providing assessment services and exit qualifications for the OERu 1st year of study have collaboratively developed the OERu credit transfer and course articulation agreement template. These have been reviewed by the respective registrars.
  3. The agreement is based on the OERu credit transfer and credit accumulation scheme guidelines approved at the 2015 international meeting of OERu partners.
  4. At most institutions, the articulation agreement would be signed by the Vice-Chancellor, President or Chief Executive.
  5. As the OERu is implementing a phased launch of the 1st year of study, we are widening consultation of the credit transfer agreement to partners who may be interested in offering assessment services and/or recognition of transfer credit for designated 1st year of study courses.

Invitation to provide feedback

  1. OERu partners interested in providing assessment services and / or recognising transfer credit towards local qualifications are invited to provide comment and feedback on the OERu credit transfer and course articulation agreement template by 30 September 2017.
  2. In the traditions of our open planning model, we assume silence to mean assent.

Instructions to provide feedback

There are two ways to provide feedback and both require accounts on the respective platforms. Representatives from OERu partner institutions can provide comments directly on the document via Collabora Online (an open source alternative to Google Docs). Partner institutions and the open community can post comments on our discussion platform hosted at community.oeru.org. Please do not post personal email comments because as an open organisation, we strive to maintain a transparent and public record of our discussions.

Comments via Collabora (for OERu partners)

  1. As this document is a legal contact signed between partners, comments via Collabora are restricted to representatives from OERu partner institutions.
  2. OERu partners who would like to leave comments within the document should request an account from Wayne Mackintosh or Dave Lane. Please send us your preferred email and we will create an account on docs.oeru.org.
  3. To comment once you have an account:
    • Log in to docs.oeru.org
    • Go to the document
    • Highlight the relevant text for comment then click on on Insert --> Comment to comment.
    • Edits directly to the text should be avoided unless Track changes from Edit --> Track changes are set to Record and Show

Comments via community.oeru.org (for OERu partners and the open community)

  1. Signup or Log In on community.oeru.org
  2. Visit the consultation topic on the OERu credit transfer and course articulation agreement
  3. Please remember to cite the paragraph number from the document when providing specific feedback.