Agenda for Otago Polytechnic OERu review and planning day

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Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education Planning Page

Pre-planning day homework

Preparation for critical friend review

It's OK to be hard on content -- but always be soft on the person

  1. Prepare a "traffic light" review for the course sub-section allocated for your review:
    • Green light: List the features or aspects which stand out as good practice. These are the items we should aim to replicate across the GDTE
    • Amber light: List ideas for improvement, but not mission critical for adoption. We'll implement these over time.
    • Red light: These are issues which must be fixed.
  2. While working through your allocated sub-section for review, add specific comments on the corresponding talk page in the wiki.
Section to review Allocated reviewers
Introduction to OEP course Cameron Campbell, Hilary Jenkins, Emma Tumilty, Heather Day, Steve Henry
Active learning for the 21st century from Foundation Learning Emma Bilous, Peter Harris, Emma Hogg, Jo Wakelin, Veronique Olin
The dual professional from Practice Context Alexa Forbes, Cris Antona, Hayden Parsons, Wayne Mackintosh, Alex Huffadine

Tentative suggested agenda items for planning day

Please add suggested agenda items and remember to sign your name below. Veronique and Wayne will develop a plan for the days activities.

  • Discuss current and future OP developments in OER --Sally Pairman
  • What is the range of offerings we have? --Sally Pairman
  • Have we got a consistent approach to their development? -- Sally Pairman
  • What add-on services might we offer (eg. Academic mentoring, assessment, badging) as new business for OP? -- Sally Pairman
  • How do we ensure a consistent approach? -- Sally Pairman
  • Critical friend review of developments to date (Peer review) --Mackiwg 02:01, 27 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Developing a final checklist before going live (eg reviewing copyright on 3rd party media, checking CC license on each course page etc.) -- --Mackiwg 02:24, 27 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Otago Polytechnic branding of shared OERu courses -- --Mackiwg 02:26, 27 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Participation of Otago Polytechnic staff in shaping OERu futures and network decisions. --Mackiwg 02:30, 27 March 2013 (UTC)
  • Feedback from Wayne regarding OERu course used as the model for OERu development: Regional relations in Asia and the Pacific - AST1000 -- Veronique Olin

Working agenda

  1. Welcome and discussion on what we would like to achieve with the day
  2. Agreement on the agenda
  3. Inventory of OP Online
    • What are the range of offerings OPOnline currently have - Sally
    • Discuss current and future OP / OPOnline developments - Sally
  4. Reflection on the OERu model
  5. Critical friend review
    • Small group collaboration to generate a "traffic light" review
    • Lessons learned
    • Challenges and proposed solutions
    • Next steps
  6. Supporting technologies for open online courses
    • Solutions for parallel mode delivery (design implications)
      • Harvesting institutional-based LMS forum feeds
      • Branding OP Online content
    • Transclusion for reusability
      • Transcluding links
      • Transcluding the course schedule
    • Style conventions
      • Using the <ref> tag
      • Avoid including section numbers in wiki pages, eg WEEK 6 - Unit 3 Topic 2
    • Enabling LQTemail and email notifications for changes
    • Wiki-based open design approaches
  7. Learning design for open education
    • Pedagogy of discovery / "Free range learning"
    • micro Open Online Courses (mOOCs) and micro-credentials.
  8. OP Online delivery models for the future
    • What add-on services might we offer and what are the implications for the pedagogical design of our courses
  9. OP Online processes (What do we need to do our work cheaper, faster and better?)