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OER Foundation logo-small.pngOERu-Logo-small.pngOERu 2012 / 2013 Prototype Design and Development Project
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Record of team meetings

  • Upload record of design meetings linked to subpage

Project Schedule

Milestone Who Target date Status
Design blueprint Kevin Bell March 12th
Complete outline for materials Kevin Bell
March 21st
Review existing OERs for remix Kevin Bell March 21st
Develop representative sample of materials Kevin Bell
March 28th
Complete development of course materials Yvonne Simon Enter date Not started
Review and refine draft materials Yvonne Simon Enter date Not started
Peer review and quality control Yvonne Simon Enter date Not started

To do list

A place to list items before they're integrated into the plan. Use the strikeout for items once completed.

  1. Transitioning project leadership to Yvonne Simon at SNHU effective May 1st 2012.