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OER Foundation logo-small.pngOERu-Logo-small.pngOERu 2012 / 2013 Prototype Design and Development Project
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The sub-activities of the open design and development initiative of the OERu logic model associated with the OERu 2012 prototype are listed on this node page. The purpose of this node is to support the planning, design and development of the 2012 prototype courses.

The design and development of each course shortlisted for the prototype is coordinated by a lead institution . As an open collaboration, the OERu founding anchor partners share ideas to inform and refine the design process and to foster collaboration for the peer review and quality assurance of OERu courses.



The first drafts of the design blueprints for the OERu 2012 prototypes are available for review. Feedback welcome from OERu anchor partners and open community. Visit the individual design blueprint pages and comment using the corresponding Discussion tab: