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This marketing working group has been amalgamated with the partner engagement working group to form the Marketing, communications and partner engagement working group as per OERuMC decision to rationalise and consolidate activities. Page retained for historical reasons



Project team

Dave Lane

Discussion list

History of the group

Reconstituted from the Marketing recruitment and communication working group as per decision of the 3rd OERu partners meeting to move the responsibility for partner recruitment to the strategic planning working group.

Resource links

Record of meetings

2016 KPIs

(This table is extracted from the 2016 master KPI table)


  • Ref. No.: Refers to the the strategic goal reference of the 2016 operational priorities contained in the strategic plan in the format of Strategic Goal number --> strategic objective number --> output number.
  • Green: Minimum Viable Product KPIs are allocated to OERu working groups. Operationally these KPIs are coordinated and implemented by the MVP task force. However, conveners of working groups are responsible to keep members of their respective working groups appraised of progress.
  • Yellow: Active 2016 KPIs - Working groups are responsible for facilitating achievement of these KPIs.
  • No colour: KPI on hold or low priority.
  • Status square: Meaning of coloured blocks - 0) Not started; 1) Started; 2) Significant progress; 3) Nearing completion; 4) Done



Active tasks

Marketing, communications and fund development project

Completed tasks