OERu/Planning/MVP task force/Third meeting

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  • Dates:
    1. Oceania and North America: 8 September 2017, 11:00AM NZST (Click on link for local time.)
    2. Africa and Europe: 13 September 2017, 7:00PM NZST (Click on link for local time.)
  • Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/541899894
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The aims of the meeting are to:

  1. Review progress on the implementation of the OERu 1st year of study
  2. Review progress on the MVP technology platform
  3. Consult on the agenda for the 6th International Meeting of OERu partners
  4. Note related projects (Marketing and analytics).

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Web resources
  1. OERu progress report presentation
  2. OERu 2017 Mid-year report


(Please add any agenda items for the MVP meeting below)

  1. Welcome
  2. Aims of the meeting
  3. Progress report (presentation)
  4. 6th international meeting of OERu partners
    • Confirm meeting approach
    • Discuss the proposed agenda for the 2017 partners meeting (see below).
  5. ICDE World Conference on Online Learning - OERu presentations:
    • The OERu 1st Year: Case Study in Open Planning, Open Design, and International Accreditation (Wayne Mackintosh, Irwin DeVries, Gail Morong, Andy Brown and Brenda Thompson)
    • OERu: Loose Coupling to Advance Open Education (Dave Lane)
    • Micro-Credentials for Macro Impact in Open Education: Slow Innovation for Sustainable OER Futures (Wayne Mackintosh)

Initial suggestions for the agenda for the partners meeting

(Please add ideas for the agenda for the 6th International Meeting of OERu partners below)

  1. Taking stock, critical friend review and meeting priorities
  2. Improving OERu operations
  3. Establish launch schedule for Phase 3 and beyond
  4. Develop marketing strategy / plan for the 1st year of study
  5. OERu quality guidelines
  6. Review the process evaluation plan
  7. Ontario "showcase" session.
  8. Consult on the OERu strategic plan 2018 - 2020.

Summary of meeting

Note - due to technical difficulties, only the first half of the North American / Oceania meeting was recorded.

2017 OERu consultation meeting (Europe, Africa, Middle East

  1. Welcomed participants and summarised meeting procedures
  2. Confirmed the meeting agenda
  3. Summarised progress with the implementation of the OERu 1st year of study
    • Noted the number of completed courses available for the Certificate of Higher Education in Business (OERu) and Certificate of General Studies (see slide show for details).
    • Advised participants of the OERu partnership with Edubits to offer micro-credentials for each of the business micro-courses approved as optional courses for the Certificate of Higher Education Business. Otago Polytechnic will issue transcript credit for the associated full courses once learners have successfully achieved the digital certifications for the corresponding set of microcourses.
    • Confirmed that OERu has signed a license agreement with the Saylor Foundation to use their item assessment banks for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics to administer automated assessment for these courses. The OERu is planning to use ProctorU for online proctoring.
    • Referenced the Credit transfer contract developed and reviewed by the respective registrars of the partners actively engaged with assessment services and credit transfer for the 1st year of study.
    • Invited partners who are interested in offering assessment services for the 1st year of study and/or recognising transfer credit towards local qualifications to complete the online survey.
    • Confirmed the phased launch schedule, which is consistent​ with the 2016 decision​ of the​ Council​ of Chief Executive​ Officers (CEOs)​ to​ proceed​​ with​​ a “soft-launch.” This phased launch approach aims to pursue realistic​​ but​ conservative​ ​ targets,​ to​ build​​ brand​ awareness​ and​ to​ collect​ data​ from​ the​ process​ ​ evaluation​​ to​ inform​​ future decision-making.
      1. Phase 1: Learning in a digital age
      2. Phase 2: Principles of management, Introduction to entrepreneurship and Introduction to project management.
      3. Phase 3 and beyond: Course release schedule to be determined at the international partner's meeting.
  4. Demonstrated the MVP technology platform
    2017 OERu consultation meeting (North America
  5. Discussed progress of the quality working group.
  6. Consulted on the proposed agenda for the 6th International Meeting of OERu partners.
    • Agreed that the items on the proposed agenda above should be included.
    • Agreed that the following items should be added to the agenda:
      1. Progressing Academic Volunteers International to improve learner support for the OERu model
      2. Developing a coherent program of study (2nd and 3rd year)
      3. Environmental scanning of new developments for possible adoption by the OERu partnership
      4. Proposals for inter-partner collaborations to generate added value from our international network
      5. Strategic planning consultation:
        • Guidelines on major initiatives to be undertaken for the next cycle in conjunction with the OERu open business model.
        • Determine if any partners would be interested in replicating any components of the OERu open source delivery platform (suggested as the 6th R of open education.)
  7. Noted the OERu presentations accepted for the 2017 ICDE World Conference on Online Learning.
  8. Meeting ajourned at 12.00pm NZST