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  • Dates: Friday 18 March 2016, Noon NZDST for Oceania and North America and Wednesday 23 March 2016, NZDST for Europe and Africa
  • Meeting link: https://zoom.us/j/541899894


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Background to establishing the MVP task force
  3. Purpose of the meeting is to:
    • review the MVP terms of reference; and
    • comment on the MVP plan of action, for
    • tabling at the forthcoming OERu Management Committee meeting.
  4. Orientation - Navigating the OERu planning site
  5. MVP Task force group list
  6. Composition of the MVP task force
  7. Review of the terms of reference
  8. Review of the MVP implementation plan
  9. MVP task force office bearers (Chair / Alternate Chair / Secretary)
  10. Next meeting

Summary of meeting and key decisions

OERu MVPTF Meeting 16-03 (North America / Oceania)
  1. Attendance
    • North America / Oceania participants: Wayne Mackintosh (Chair and member of the OERF Board of Directors), Jim Taylor (OERF Board of Directors) , Dave Lane (OERF Open Source Technologist), Cameron Campbell (OERF Consultant: Principles of Management course), Christine Daviault (OERF Consultant: Principles of Management course), Linda Ward, (CSU Course designer), Marc Singer (TESU OERu Focal Point and Chair of OERu Standing Committee for Credit Transfer) and Rajiv Jhangiani (KPU Introduction to Psychology 1 course).
    • Europe / Africa participants: Andy Brown (OERu Focal Point, University of the Highlands and Isalands) and Wayne Mackintosh (Chair and member of the OERF Board of Directors)
  2. Demonstrated navigation to key planning documents of the MVP task force.
  3. Shared the background to the establishment of the MVP task force and confirmed aims of the meeting.
  4. Discussed the draft terms of reference
    • Confirmed the OERF decision-making model based on the open source practice of "rough consensus and running code". It was noted that decisions are made by those engaging in the meetings, and those making contributions to the open documentation in the wiki.
    • North America / Oceania meeting participants endorsed the terms of reference.
    • European participant endorsed the terms of reference.
  5. Reviewed and discussed the MVP implementation plan
    • Proposed that OERu prioritize the implementation of "Learning in a Digital Age" as a credit bearing course for MVP. Marc Singer confirmed permission to share the draft curriculum outline for (PLA-300) under a CC-BY-SA license on the wiki. Wayne Mackintosh confirmed that the OERF will invest funding to commission learning design expertise to assist with the completion of an open course equivalent on condition that it be confirmed that at least one partner in the network is willing and able to offer assessment services for transcript credit. Agreed to reach out to the network to establish interest in accrediting and participating in this initiative as a high priority. Rajiv recommended that the open course resources for the Certificate in Blended and Online Learning would be available for remix and integration into the course.
    • Queried whether the network would be able to achieve MVP by September 2016. Reviewed the current list of courses under development, and confirmed that this is an achievable goal.
    • Endorsed the action plan process for the implementation of the OERu 1st year of study, targeting completion of the MVP by September 2016 to be subsequently show-cased at the OERu international meeting of partners scheduled for 3 & 4 October 2016 in Inverness at the University of Highlands and Islands.
  6. Noted the advantages of identifying an alternate chair outside of the OERF. Dave Lane has volunteered to serve as alternate chair should we not find a representative from one of the other partner institutions.

Action items

  1. Confirm that there is an OERu institutional representative on the MVP task force for each of the identified MVP courses.
  2. Confirm whether there are any additional exit awards from OERu partners that should be listed as target awards for MVP.
  3. Confirm target dates for completion of MVP courses and identified action items in the plan.
  4. Extend an open invitation to all OERu partners to consider collaborating on the "Learning in a Digital Age" course; and confirm institutions that are willing and able to offer associated assessment services for transcript credit.