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Contact information

Name of OERu partner University of Wollongong
Contact person for this IAP Ms Sarah Lambert
eMail for IAP contact person
Name of primary OERu contact Ms Sarah Lambert
eMail of primary OERu contact

Executive Summary

  1. Delivery and evaluation of our first undergraduate subject for OERu – “Model United Nations”.
  2. Development of 3 new subjects for delivery in 2016 – towards the Graduate Certificate in Global Citizenship.
  3. Collaboration with other partner North-West University to find ways to share development of open-materials for a Research Methods subject, or collaborate on components which can be assembled in different ways to meet similar but not identical Research Methods subjects for local needs and also inclusion in upcoming OERu courses.
  4. Participate, review and evaluate a range of OER offerings such as the the “Digital Skills for Collaborative OER development” program for potential local re-use as sustained staff development activity for staff with an interest in or allocated to projects to develop online/distance programs or open/community facing website resources. (An inclusion in the newly approved Technology Enriched Learning Strategy.)
  5. Liaise with staff developing online resources and face-to-face workshops for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with regard to any re-usable OERu subjects or processes that might be useful.
  6. Develop an Open-Education Policy and Guideline, that will enable/support and guide a range of open-learning initiatives, including OERu subject and course development, including formalising a local Approvals process for new MOOCs/open-courses.

2015 Objectives

  • Open Subject and course development – as a new open, online pathway to further formal study at UOW. The LHA Graduate Certificate in Global Citizenship is our first attempt to create a new pathway to study which is online and flexible and open to anybody around the world.
  • Building staff skills and organisational capacity for open and online/distance course delivery as significantly different to the blended learning to support face to face teaching which characterises much of our current eLearning effort and experience.

2015 FTE contribution for OERu course nominations

Name of staff member or Department Name of existing and new course development nominations Total FTE days
Dr Susan Engle and Mr Josh Pallas, LHA and Ms Sarah Lambert, LTC INTS201 Model United Nations – new course delivered March – May 2015. 25 delivery

10 evaluation

Dr Susan Engle and Ms Deborah Mayerson, LHA and Ms Sarah Lambert, and Ms Irit Aloney, LTC 2 new post-graduate level subjects in the LHA Grad Cert Global Citizenship, partially funded by teaching grant for LHA staff 100 across the team
Ms Sarah Lambert and 3 others Contribute to and review provide feedback on “Digital Skills for Collaborative OER development” 10

Participation in OERu working groups

Name of staff member email address Assigned OERu working group(s) Total FTE days
Ms Sarah Lambert Chair, Quality and Approvals 10
Ms Sarah Lambert Member, new member handbook 5

Other contributions in kind

  • Provide support to new members in navigating OERu nomenclature, processes and systems via pro-active feedback in forums and also in OERu course offerings which are focussed on staff development and capacity building for partner organisations