Otago Polytechnic 2015 IAP

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Contact information

Name of OERu partner Otago Polytechnic
Contact person for this IAP Veronique Olin
eMail for IAP contact person Veronique.Olin@op.ac.nz
Name of primary OERu contact Veronique Olin
eMail of primary OERu contact Veronique.Olin@op.ac.nz

Executive Summary

Otago Polytechnic’s focus for 2015 is to progress product development for the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education to be offered through the OERu. Otago Polytechnic will contribute to the OERu community source initiative through a shared OERu Technologist position. We aim to progress the consultative development of an OER strategy and corresponding KPIs for the Polytechnic.

2015 Objectives

  • Complete the course development for the two outstanding mOOCs for the Open Education Practice elective in the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education
  • Facilitate four mOOCs to support capacity development in OER.
  • Facilitate a 2-day face-to-face OER course sprint workshop
  • Complete four mico courses for sustainable practice
  • Complete development of six micro-courses for Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education: Learner-Centred Learning, Adult Learning Approaches, Facilitating a learning session, Teaching Philosophy, Digital Citizenship in tertiary education, Dual teaching professional in vocational education. - Possibly: Assessment and Learning Design modules

2015 FTE contribution for OERu course nominations

Name of staff member or Department Name of existing and new course development nominations Total FTE days
Wayne Mackintosh Digital skills for collaborative OER development 18
Wayne Mackintosh Dimensions of openness in education 18
Veronique Olin, OP Online Learner-Centred Learning 8
Veronique Olin, OP Online Adult Learning Approaches 8
Veronique Olin, OP Online Facilitating a learning session 8
Veronique Olin, OP Online Teaching Philosophy 8
Veronique Olin, OP Online Digital Citizenship in tertiary education 8
Veronique Olin, OP Online Dual teaching professional in vocational education 8
Steve Henry / Florence Micoud Creating Sustainable Futures - 4 mOOCs 60

Participation in OERu working groups

Name of staff member email address Assigned OERu working group(s) Total FTE days
Wayne Mackintosh wayne@oerfoundation.org Strategic planning 5
Wayne Mackintosh wayne@oerfoundation.org Partner engagement 2
Wayne Mackintosh wayne@oerfoundation.org Standing Committee for Credit transfer 7
Wayne Mackintosh wayne@oerfoundation.org Curriculum and programme of Study 4
Wayne Mackintosh wayne@oerfoundation.org General education 1st year of study 7
Wayne Mackintosh wayne@oerfoundation.org Course approval and quality 4
Wayne Mackintosh wayne@oerfoundation.org Technology 2
Veronique Olin veronique.olin@op.ac.nz Partner Engagement 5
Veronique Olin veronique.olin@op.ac.nz Course Approval and Quality 5
Jono Aldridge Jono.Aldridge@op.ac.nz Technology 3

Participation in the OERu community source initiative

Name of staff member / Department email Address Community source contribution Estimated FTE days
Learning environment

(Mike Collins)

0.2 funding contribution to shared Technologist Position. 50

Other contributions in kind

  • Course sprint workshop for design and development of OERu courses for Otago Polytechnic staff and invited staff from other New Zealand institutions.