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Required parameters

  • microcourse: Name of micro-course, eg "Digital literacies for online learning" or transcluded title, eg.: {{:Introduction_to_project_management/Links/IPM101/Title}}
  • fullcoursename: Name of associated full course, eg. "Learning in a digital age"
  • fullcourselandingpage: Link for full course landing page on oeru.org, eg.: https://oeru.org/introduction-to-project-management
  • code: Course code for associated micro-course, eg LiDA101 or transcluded course tag, eg.: {{:Introduction_to_project_management/Links/IPM101/Tag}}
  • generalforumlink: Transcluded URL link to the general course forum for this micro-course, eg.: {{:Introduction to project management/Links/IPM101/General forum}}

Syntax for transclusion {{:OERu/Orientation homepage|microcourse=|fullcoursename=|fullcourselandingpage=|code=|generalforumlink=}}

Welcome to the {{{microcourse}}} ({{{code}}}) micro-course which forms part of the OERu's [{{{fullcourselandingpage}}} {{{fullcoursename}}}] course.

In this learning pathway we will help you to register the websites accounts you will need to set up your personal learning environment. These resources are intended for first-time OERu learners and we recommend that you complete this learning pathway before you commence your studies with us.

There are no pre-requisites to participate in this micro-course. If this is your first OERu course, you may be interested in completing Digital literacies for online learning (LiDA101) because the preknowledge skills listed below are covered in more detail in that course. As an open course you are free to consult the relevant sections of the LiDA101 course materials for more detailed support on these topics. However, you can proceed with {{{microcourse}}} ({{{code}}}) by working through this brief orientation pathway to help you establish your personal learning environment for effective engagement in this micro-course.

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Successful participation in this micro-course requires the ability to:

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On successful completion of this orientation pathway you will be able to use the OERu's component-based, online delivery platform to support your learning. In this learning pathway you will:

  • Create the relevant website accounts you need to engage in the OERu learning experience.
  • Test drive the technologies by completing short activities using these tools.