Proposal for Action: Digital citizenship course collaboration

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Key points

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Key points
  • The 2014 course course nominations from Otago Polytechnic, Charles Sturt University and the University of Tasmania include courses closely related to digital citizenship.
  • The group have had an informal discussion to explore opportunities for collaborative development and reuse of resources for the respective courses and have agreed to discuss this further during the OERu partners meeting.


  • What is the overlap in the respective curricula of these courses?
  • What is the possibility for a 1st year level course on digital citizenship (for credit) for inclusion in the skills component of an OERu general education 1st year of study?
  • Is is possible to design a mOOC which could serve both 1st and 3rd year needs of the respective curricula?
  • Other questions?
  • What is the demographic? Student pathway, Teacher pathway. What are the core elements for a possible pathway?

2015 outputs

  • List anticipated outputs of this proposal for action for 2015

Summary description

Provide short description / overview of this proposal for action here


  • List any inputs which may be required to achieve the outputs

Activity schedule

# Activity Summary description Responsibility Target date / Duration
Example Survey 1st year BGS requirements Conduct a survey of OERu partners with a BGS to determine subject requirements for 1st year of study Curriculum & programme of study group (or individual / institution) 15 April 2015 (or ongoing)
1 Explore development of a general micro course at level 5 Go back to respective institutions to discuss this possibility Veronique Olin (Otago Polytechnic) & Linda Ward (Charles Sturt) February 2015
2 Explore open content Review what is already available,see links from David Porter; gather input from OERu community Veronique Olin (Otago Polytechnic) & Linda Ward (Charles Sturt) February 2015

Clarifying notes and additional considerations

  • Add any clarifications here

Do you have issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

During group discussions, if any issues arise which in your opinion should be tabled at the OERu meeting of Chief Executive Officers, please add them directly to to the CEOs issues page here.